Sunday, March 23, 2014

It is cold here and to remain that way the rest of the week

I know it is unpredictable Nebraska weather but THE  OLDER I GET THE LESS I LIKE IT, AND I AM OLD. I guess our new neighbors, Whoever, they may be are slowly moving in.  We haven’t had anyone over there for so long if there is much activity we notice it right away. I only turn the venetian blind opened to where the African violets do not get sun, when there is sun, but light. and so we get glimpses of people.  Seems to be 2 women and 2 boys for sure about 15 and 12 or 13 and then a small one that looks to be about 4.  The 2 boys are  are carrying everything up from the U-haul and of course it goes up the hill with narrow steps and then to the porch.  They finally figured out that if they put  the table or whatever on the retaining wall it is much easier than the steps.

I would sure like to know where the heck SPRING went.  Being in Ne. you expect cooler days off and on but not weeks  The high is supposed to be 40.  I am going to have to get in the internet and see what Shirl is growing.  I do like to grow things much to Joe’s distress.  I haven’t asked him if he  is ready to float out of his bathroom.  The tile was in there when we moved in 4o+ years ago, on the floor so we don’t care  if it ruins the tile.  I just do not want water where it does not belong.  It is not dirty water.  I am not going back down there even if he is home.


jack69 said...

You need a sliding board down to the basement....LOL and a rope tied at the top to help you back up.(smile)

You are so right about weather, you just cannot out guess it. WE can just know Spring is around the corner. But Up there you never how far the corner is....

Yep, Shirl LOVES to grow stuff...

Chatty Crone said...

Gish those steps next door would kill me to move in.

I agree the older I am the less I like cold.

The water is so weird.

I would love to plant something too.


Hope you get to plant something this year, since you like that.

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