Friday, March 28, 2014

Should be interesting

Last time I wound up with unusual stuff.  So I am redoing it.  Heard Joe in the bedroom but he may have gone back to sleep. Have frittered away my time and have no idea what I will wind up with.  Cold front came through and it was supposed to get down to 22 last night.  I expect it did.  Sun is coming out.  We had some small lattice fence around some flower beds and the wind even blew that down.  We seem to have new neighbors but they come and go so much it is hard to say who lives there.  Have not seen a man.  She is supposed to have 3 kids.  I have seen as many as 6 but all of a sudden don’t see them any more.  I will just be the silent neighbor.  Joe is keeping watch.  Will post this and see what we come up with. 


shirl72 said...

Our wind has passed on thanks goodness and it is starting to get warm. Hope your wind passes and it
starts to warm up.

Keep watch on the neighbors. Hope they are not drunks like your other neighbors.


We had high winds here today too. Hope this weather pattern leaves as quickly as it blew in.

jack69 said...

I wish you would quit playing with the weather up there. You know it effects paradise down her. hahahaha

Love from Georgia...

Hug ole Joe!

DD said...

Hello Dear Lucy,
Sorry, I have been away too long again. I came in to check on you and as I began to read some of your back entries, I was glad to see that your doctors have made a decision on how to get you back up to spunk. And you have a good doctor too. We have been quite busy with having the house finished up since the weather is now in our favor. I will post pictures soon. It is almost move in ready.
I am truly glad you are doing better.

Paula said...

We have some neighbors like that Lucy. I have no idea who lives there and who doesn't, so many in and out.

Chatty Crone said...

I tell you what - we had the wind here in GA too!

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