Thursday, March 27, 2014

The wind just about blew us away.

The wind did a number on us yesterday.  No real damage but plastic bags every where in the yard and thank goodness  the tree we would like to take down that over hangs our house stayed up.  We love the shade but  the tree is like me, old and tired .  On Highway 2 just about 6 blocks from us the wind blew the roof of the pizza hut nearly off.  That was where we always got pizza if we wanted pizza.  Have not heard back from Dr. Merliss office but I will.  There is so much going on the last few days of the month I would rather just coast through this month, then go in.  We are getting our Wind stream back in place of Time Warner Cable.  The picture may not be as good but our set is old and we will use it until we see it is dead.  Big difference between 180.00 a month and 65.00.  First off, I have got to share this with you all.  I am not criticizing him Jack, but just telling about the difference.  Joe was so forgetful all day yesterday and real quiet.  We heard a noise and the picture clock he got me several years ago had came down on one side.  We looked and one of the holes that was there had given away that keeps it on the wall.  Joe figured right away what it was.  After we ate he brought his little step ladder up and went in to repair mode.  We hade to figure out how to reinforce the area where it was coming loose.  I just sat down and said “you are the repair man.”  He did a real nice job with thin aluminum and put screws  in hoping not to split the wood. I guess what I wanted to get across was that, when he was doing that and he had to repair one of our shades on the porch, he was like the old Joe.  Sure of himself and not vague like he had been all day.  He needs to do some things every day. It won’t stop the dementia if that is what it is but I bet it would slow it down.  And there is a possibility that I am scaring myself.  He goes to the Heart Team April 1st. and I am sure he will find it with no problem.  Right now he may be forgetful on something's.  He knows what meds Spunky needs without looking at anything. I have seen him take a lot of time doing his pills in his pill boxes, but he is very careful on that.  Needed to get that out of my system.


jack69 said...

We handy men deed to be handy! (smile)
Wow We had wind too yesterday. It amazed me how strong it was. If the wind was all over 'the world' it is a wonder we are all still here. haha!

Smart move on the Time WArner and Wind stream I think...
Prices keep inching up on all sides, that is for sure.
Love from Georgia!!!

Chatty Crone said...

So what do you think Bill has - heart or dementia?

I think we must all feel useful and keep our mind going. It is a muscle and needs to be exercised like the heart.


Glad Joe fixed the clock and keeps Spunky's medicine in order. Less stuff for you to worry about.

Paula said...

We have a lot to worry about as we age, don't we? When we left a Dollar store on the way home from San Antonio John thought I was going the wrong way and I knew I wasn't. A highway he has traveled on for years. It wasn't until we hit our county and saw the sign that he knew we were heading the right direction.

shirl72 said...

We had lots of wind and it was
scary it was also cold. Hopefully
it will warm up tomorrow I am ready
for the weather to change from cold.

Glad Joe got the Clock fixed. Hope
it starts warming up and the wind
stops. Try and stay warm.

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