Thursday, April 24, 2014

Company???? No, thank goodness

I was so happy when Michael  said they were going to come and see us, and then I think,  what happened he got insulted because I asked him what the boy, Kayden liked to snack on.  I don’t even have a jar of peanut butter in the house.  I also asked them if they had any preferences other than steak.  Michael is definitely my sons, son. it comes out quite often.  At any rate, I really have a hard time getting around at most times. The pain is wearing me out.  I think I will call Gobbo and see if Officially, I can go back on my arthritis meds.  That helps more than anything.  Joe is up so best go have breakfast.  Spunky is getting a bath and toe nails clipped.


Beth Niquette said...

How thoughtful of you to ask what their preferences are!!! What a great Mom/Grandmum you are, Lucy. ((hugs))

I sure hope you get to feeling better. Pain is not a happy thing to live with. Praying for you, sweet Friend.


I think it was nice to ask what their preferences were. Sorry to hear you're still feeling bad. HANG IN THERE.

Paula said...

Spunky is going to look spiffy. Does he like to get prettied up?

jack69 said...

Yeah, it is probably best, with the pain and adjustments you are having to make. SOON after the work is done someof the pain will be gone...

Jean said...

I know you would have loved to have seen them, but I'm sure you're not up to having much company now. Hope you feel better soon.

shirl72 said...

Lucy it is probably best they didn't
come you would have been on your
feet lots and in more pain. There
comes a time when you need to take
care of yourself. Hope you get to
feeling better.

Chatty Crone said...

I think that asking your preferences is a right nice thing to do! lol

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