Friday, April 25, 2014

Sun is out and it will warm up for a while

We are a clean, groomed family.  Joe got his hair cut Wed., And   Spunky and clipped and  I will be glad when it is over.had a bath, and I got my hair cut yesterday. We all clean up pretty good.  I got my hair really short.  Don’t think I will want to fool much with it after surgery.  That day is sneaking up on me. I

woke up with  stiff neck.  If I had to put a heating or ice on all that hurts, I would have to emerge like a cocoon, gradually. Spunky looks so clean and smells clean, Shirl,.  When we tell him he is those things he looks at us for a while and then rolls over.  He is out of debt as of last week.  We along with help from friends, the mail lady and one other benefactor made the final payment.  I had a long talk with him about staying healthy.


DD said...

Hi Lucy, so sorry I just read your email. I am so slow in checking my email, it is pathetic! I need to get a
Yes, I will try to get pictures of the house really soon and post them on my blog. My little granddaughter and her family have been moved in for several weeks now.
I am glad you are getting something done for your problem. I will check back in right away.

jack69 said...

Hope you get to feeling less stiff.. Glad the spunky one is out of debt, I was afraid they were going to re-possess him...
Yeah, folk and dogs smell better after the bath....... LOL I am going to take on one day@!!!


glad everyone got their haircut and is doing good. Sorry to hear about your stiff neck, though.

Chatty Crone said...

May 12th - right?

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