Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I really do not want Cutest Blog on the Block, ad it knows it

I can tell it knows it because I thought if I was stuck with it may as well change it and it won’t let me.  I think it is punishing me.  It has been cold and not very nice here.  I really do wish Spring would really come. Easter weekend  is supposed to be rainy.  Maybe Mon or Tues. we will get 70.  Sat. and Sunday it froze plants that were  on display for sale.  They had some heaters but most took them inside.  I usually go to Shopko or Sunmart lot.  They have one section of the parking lot where they have bunches of garden stuff.  I have no room left.  Joe should dig the ornamental grass out of the front of my porch, which I consider  that small area mine.  It is  messy.  Joe is up  so I better get my shower over.  Enjoy Cutest Blog on the Block. I am still in a lot of pain, with my leg, both are affected but the one with the artificial knee is what really hurts.


babYpose said...

hi dear Lucy, just come here to see hello. love your pink fonts :)

Paula said...

Sorry you're hurting today. Hope when it gets real warm it will make your pain feel better.

shirl72 said...

Hello to the cutest blog on the block.hee hee Our weather is cool
Sherry if going to be upset coming
back to cool weather. It will last
on 2 days and back to 70's. I want you to start feeling better. Glad
Spunky and the raccoon's are keeping
their distance.


Sorry to hear about your knees. Hope they heal sooner rather than later.

Chatty Crone said...

I hope you get get some new things planted - when spring is here. And I hope that your knee feels better.

jack69 said...

We are all gonna feel better when Spring gets here. We arrived in NC and they still don't know its is spring yet here.

Hope the knees do give you some relief. Even with the cutest blog on the blog, the pain would ruin it!

Love from North CArolina

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