Thursday, April 17, 2014

It is really chilly again this morning but may get in the 70’s and 80’s next week

Ok, to everyone that thinks I hate my Cutest Blog, I love it.  OOPPS, my halo slipped a bit!!!!  I just wrote out bills and I am not fond of that especially in the early morning but I have been putting them off.  Dr. Merliss said he doesn’t think the aches and pains are related  to that pill but he still may keep me on it after surgery for the blood pressure and I will have to go with the pradaxa  He told me the procedure is very effective in having more control but there will still be problems with the rapid heart beat but much less likely to have a stroke and will not be so short winded,  I dreamed of having the surgery and walking out and saying, “see ya”.  Not to be.  It looks like it is going to rain.  Cluttered news.  My neighbor that is a hoarder had a u-haul in front of the house she lives, strike that, hovels in for 2 days.  She sold the house on 15th st. that has had a leaky roof for 4 years and she said, not in very good shape, to Gary, the guy that got the house next door to me and  remolded it and now rents it for 850.00  a month with a100.00 dollar pet deposit. When we saw the rental u-haul we thought she was going to pack it  up and leave for somewhere, anywhere, but in this neighborhood.  I saw a man and 3 young boys unloading it in the front yard and driveway where she lives or co-exists with the goat and all the critters that love her junky yard.  SHE ADDED MORE STUFF TO HER PILE OUTSIDE. Must go, Joe is up so I have to go get my kid gloves.



You still should feel better than you've been after the surgery.

shirl72 said...

You have such interesting neighbors.
Lot of entertainment. I do hope
you get to feeling better. Our
weather is cool but warm for
Easter. Rain Sat. and that will
make hunting Easter Eggs no fun
for the little ones. HAPPY EASTER

Paula said...

Laughing @ your kid gloves. I get ya sister.

jack69 said...

I know you will be glad when the ordeal of waiting is over. It is the anticipation that gets in the gears...

One of the days your neighbor is gonna surprise you and have a MOVING SALE! (we hope, huh?)

Love from North CArolina

Chatty Crone said...

You have so much entertainment there you don't need to go out!

Well I sincerely hope you have a blessed Easter.

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