Friday, April 18, 2014

There is a good chance of rain for the Easter weekend

.  I have no idea that I need to worry about Easter for Kids.  I did and I had a hard time finding the fun for kids on Easter.  That was because being from the farm, I knew early on eggs were brown or white and they were for Eating. That is what happens to farm kids that have to go out and gather them.  But my sisters always brought home a dye kit..  They would boil about 8 or 10 eggs and then I got the great job of dyeing them with my sisters.  My oldest son, Alan who has been gone way to long, could find any holiday fun.  They went with their dad and step mom to church.  I think at that time no one really liked boiled eggs.  But of course somehow they disappeared. I still associate eggs, raw, that had rotted and my cousins from Omaha and my brothers caught me and my sister and female cousins from Omaha and pelted us with rotten eggs.  That was terrible.  We had to pump our water, heat it and bring  in the bath oval shaped tub and take turns getting that gooey, smelly stuff washed out of our hair.  gross!!   I  am going to get my shower out of the way.  Joe is up and I better get a move on.  Want to read blogs today.


Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness girl - nothing worse then rotten eggs!

Paula said...

Lucy you're lucky you had the oval tub. We had to stuff ourselves into a round one and freeze on one side and burn up on the other. Sure makes me appreciate my hot water heater and bathroom though. Never had to deal with the rotten eggs but I can imagine they smell pretty rank. Have a nice Easter!


Interesting story about the eggs. The oval tub sounds nice.

jack69 said...

nasty, nasty rotten eggs!!! OUCH what a mess.
I like Paula's comment about the tub. We had round ones, but that meant less water, hahahaha.
I always looked forward to dying the eggs and eating them, I loved boiled eggs and the deviled egg sandwiches mama made.

shirl72 said...

Rotten eggs what a smell. Dying
eggs was such fun and then eating

Our weather is raining but should
be better tomorrow. Hope you have
a nice Easter.....

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