Monday, April 28, 2014

It is getting close to time to fix supper.

I am so late getting on the computer. I have all the time in the world and I feel like I am late.  Jack, this is my last computer and I will  have to protect it.  2 more days in this month and then 12 more. My big day is coming fast.  Someone asked me if I was nervous and until they said that I wasn’t   Now I am not so sure.  Joe is back out playing in the dandelions.  We got up this morning and you could hardly tell he dug a dandelion.  They are thick his year.  Spunky’s favorite man came today.   The Schwann man with for us all kinds of foods and for Spunky he always has a dog bone or 2.  I also want to go see DD’s pictures.  If I live through my surgery, and I plan to, I will let you know how I am.  If not someone will let someone know.  Must go and turn the oven on.  Always think about food.


DD said...

My Dear Lucy, You and I have a lot in common...I think about food too, too

I am expecting you to come through your procedure like the trooper that you are! Then you will be out helping Joe in the dandelion field. I bet he is wanting to please his beloved Lucy, bless his heart.

Thank you, Lucy for your sweet comment about my pictures. The house was definitely a "labor of love". Take care.

Paula said...

Yep we plan on you doing just fine with your surgery. You got all these friends in the box giving the VEE sign.

jack69 said...

We all know you will come back tougher than ever. somebody must keep Sir Joseph straight.

Lucy, I keep wondering how long this computer will last. This one crashed a few years ago and HP repaired it. But it is VERY SLOW! As mama used to say, slow as cream rising on butter milk.

Love from North CArolina

Chatty Crone said...

I have one big piece of advice - I count the days to certain things too - but don't forget to live today.


The Schwann man used to bring my daughter food years ago, too. Sorry to hear you are starting to worry about surgery. We'll all be out here in Blogland praying for you, Lucy. You be strong and hang in there.

shirl72 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
shirl72 said...

I had to delete first comment. My
brain moves faster than my fingers
and I left out some words and the
sentence didn't make sense.

I hope the surgery goes well, we
will be waiting to hear. Joe and
Spunky will be there for you..and
you will be in our hearts...

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