Sunday, April 27, 2014

It Is Thundering and lightening

This is going to be short.  Don’t like to use it when it is lightening and stormy.  Joe dug 2 big buckets of dandelions and almost got the bigger side of the yard done.  He ran out of energy.  I tried to talk him into stopping much earlier.  He is either bogged down in his chair at the table or over doing a project, that is very taxing on his heart,. because he doesn’t  keep active every day.It just thundered so hard it rattled  the windows.  Blue, I miss you to and Jack has posted several different feeds and maybe one of them will work.  They are in the comment section on my blog from yesterday.



Glad Joe took a breather. Hope the storms where you're at aren't too bad. Take care.

Chatty Crone said...

Glad he decided to take a little break.

Paula said...

We've got the dandylions (sp) bad too this year. If you're getting rain wish you would send us some, getting dry here.

jack69 said...

Not funny, but we so run out of gas too soon. Is our tank smaller? LOL

Love you (I know lots of folks who don't mess with phones or electronics in the storms.)

DD said...

Hi Lucy, we have storms coming in this afternoon. Hope they are not severe. So many bad storms west of here last sorry.
I listed the house pictures as I promised.
Take care, DD

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