Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My computer did not behave well:::

I get so disgusted when I have computer problems but after talking to Ron, I felt better.  He has an old E machine he uses in the shop to send pictures of wrecked cars and estimates. The E-machine is to old to adapt to accept the change over from XP.  They have a windows 8 they can use but Ron hates it and he can’t send pictures from it.  Guess what Jack,  you probably don’t remember when our coffee maker went out but Joe wanted another Bunn at over 100.00.  So he picked up a MR. Coffee and you agreed that was what you would have done.Ours quit last night 1 year and 6 months but we had an extended warrenty so it is going back and replaced.  We brought up a old percolator that you sit on the stove.  It worked.  Tasted pretty good to.  It was our camping coffee pot.  We have not camped for years, and I don’t think Joe or I could make it to the camp spot, again.  We just decided LAST NIGHT WE ARE GETTING OLD!!  I knew and said I was, long ago but Joe held out. Funny how vain some men are.


jack69 said...

Hey ain't it fun to see an old percolator on the stove, and watch and hear it.

We too keep our old camping coffee pot, a little more trouble, but it sure makes a good cup of coffee.

Yep, I hate computer troubles too.... I reckon we all do. But we keep on...
Love from South Carolina

Jean said...

Lucy Sunday night Internet Explorer stop working on my laptop, since I have heard of 4 others that has done the same. I'm glad I have the desktop, ha.
I still have a top stove coffee pot and a electric one that perks. Both still works, but I use the Mr. Coffee the 4 cup size for me and Grover. I don't like Windows 8 either , ha. Take care, Jean


Computers are complicated, for sure. Sounds like you managed to get a couple of good cups of coffee with what you had.

Chatty Crone said...

So what part of the computer does Internet Explorer run?

And the coffee pots - doesn't a peculator run with a plug?

And sounds like you got some good coffee there.

Paula said...

Lynda bought me a Kerig for Christmas last year. I like it because it just makes one cup at a time. John doesn't drink coffee because his mother used to put castor oil in coffee to get him to take it when he was little. I still have my little percolator too just in case I ever need it.

shirl72 said...

I'm late making a comment been working all day. I had computer trouble Tuesday my mouse died. A friend came over and helped.
I got a new mouse and I am back in business. I think they cleaned my
computer up by deleting extra things said it bogged it down.

Well I am tired so I will get off and rest for awhile.

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