Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bunch of Stuff

Not  up and at em!!!!  Not today.  So tired. Get plenty of sleep.  Think I put my body aches to bed with pain pills plus I have so many problems with my hip and leg since they took me off the arthritis med’s.  Will be glad when the surgery is over and I can go back to just plain meds.  I think it will help.  Joe was so nice and scrubbed my shower very well yesterday after putting  a pipe cleaner in to let it drain better.  Did anyone else see where “xp’' is being fazed out by microsoft.  It explained it last night but it was Greek to me.  I don’t read Greek.  I definitely saw where XP is leaving soon. It explained more  about using it that way but the writing was so small I couldn’t read it with my vision. Joe ran into our packrat neighbor.  She said she sold the house her and Ben lived in, on 15th street because she was about to lose it to taxes.  It has been leaking since before they moved in down here to take care of her mom.  The roof was like a sieve.  They had a big piece of plastic over the roof for a good 2 years since before her mom asked them to move in and take care of her.  She told Joe they were going to take it for back taxes had she not found a buyer for it.  She said the house was in really bad shape.  When she says bad shape it must have been in “barely standing” condition.  Joe said she was sitting on a rock with a pad and probably making note of all she has in case something comes up missing.   go for now.


jack69 said...

Good to hear Joe got the drain flowing better. That is high on the list of frustrations when the water drains slow.

Taxes and hard times are no fun, looking back on times like that are much easier than going thru them.

From South CArolina, a place called Fair Play, there must be a story behind that name somewhere...


Glad your drain is fixed. That ought to put your mind at ease. Sorry you ache from all the meds being gone. Hopefully you'll get to take them again, after surgery.

Paula said...

Sorry to read you are in a lot of pain. Hope the time goes fast for you so you can get back on what helps you.

shirl72 said...

Sounds like the house is in bad
shape. Taxes is not a fun thing
to deal with.

Hope you get to feeling better no
fun feeling bad every day. I have
not had as much energy as usual.
Went to store this morning put
groceries up and now I am tired.
I think I will get in my chair
and relax. Hope you are having good weather. We have had rain.

Chatty Crone said...

Well I do understand that you can sleep all night and wake up tired - that is what is happening to me too - I don't get it!

Glad your drain is better nothing worse then that.

Feel better.


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