Monday, April 7, 2014

Not much to say

A quiet day to  day so far.  I think it may be warmer, but I would not bet money on it.  We got a little rain but need lots more.  They were talking  about possibly today coming in today.  We think our neighbors have 2 dogs.  A large one and possibly a little rat terrier or some one that looks like one. Wonder of wonders, Joe just got up and it is only 7:40. so this  is a surprise.   I wish I didn’t have time to wait.  I am wanting it over.  Have not fallen asleep for about 5 days.  We watched Country Music awards last night.  They were good.  Let me tell you, the older ones like George Joes, Merle Haggard,Loretta Lynn and so many others are looking and acting their age or dead.  They may have made a lot of money but as far as ageing we are keepng up with them on age.  Clouding up like we will get rain.  I hope so. We need it desperately.  I need to get out there and pull up some to that crud that is spreading, in the yard.  Must go. 


jack69 said...

Yep, as long as you are having birthdays you are better off than many who would have given a fortune for just one more day, week or year. But Life just ain't like that. A fortune will not bring back life nor add one day.
So yep we are glad to keep up and surpass many.

We got your rain it seems, it was a rainy night in Georgia.
Well we are in South Carolina, just outside Georgia..

Jean said...

It has been raining here all morning with thunder and lightning. When I see how some of them have aged, and I thought hard work did that. Ha. I really don't worry about getting older as much as getting unable to do for myself and Grover. Um, you might could call that getting older, lol. Take care, Jean

Steve Finnell said...


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Chatty Crone said...

Darn - I missed the country music awards last night! How did i do that?

shirl72 said...

Lucy we are having bad rain and
it not as warm as usually.
I cannot believe how fast this
day has passed. The older I get the
faster the days go. Tell Spunky
to be careful going out if the dogs
next door are out, don't want him to get hurt again.

Paula said...

I missed the awards too and I like to watch them. We've had some much needed rain too. In fact I don't know how much we can get around at the ranch tomorrow. Good for the grass so John can stop burning pare.


Glad you got to enjoy the Country Music Awards. Always puts a smile on your face, I'm sure.

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