Wednesday, May 7, 2014

clock is ticking

Just as well.  Sooner the better.  It is going to get to 94 today so put the air on late yesterday.  Got up cold but it didn’t last long.  Joe got the old front wheel drive lawn mower fixed.  A pin had worn out and slipped out.  Took a while cause he thought it was the belt.  He said now he almost had to run to keep up with it when it went up the hill in the front yard.  I expect that was a little exaggeration.    Hope you all are having a good day.  I finally went to Google mail and I had not been there for a while.  I had 19 regular entries and 20 spam.  I read blogs and comments there.  I may get around to visiting blogs today.  I know it is past time but my mind is so full of everything I forget.



Glad your lawnmower got fixed. Ours is still broken and everybody else has cut here so we look awful. Grass half a foot high.

Paula said...

I had a self propelled lawn mower one time that almost pulled me around. I was glad when we got a different one. Wish I could still mow but I'm too weak with the ITP I have.

jack69 said...

shucks, there was never a doubt Sir Joseph could get it fixed amd exaggerate? NO way, not my man Joseph!
Love from NC, let the clock tick!!!

Chatty Crone said...

94 degrees?

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