Thursday, May 8, 2014

Grand daddy of storms

We had the grand daddy of all storms last night.  Our weeds and grass are so green.  We got a hard rain  It did everything it could.  Thunder, lightning, wind,small hail but we needed it so bad.  I don’t know what critter thought my begonia that I put in the wishing well, decided  to get in there and break my plant off of one stock. I looked across at the bank yesterday and there were the 2 geese walking around.  I figured they were mates because one led and the other lagged behind.  They looked like domestic because they were so fat and looked so happy. The director of our zoo said they were part of a group that are migrating.  Now Jack, I want you to know, I know they can’t actually smile but I can tell by their walk, fat and just beautiful colors. they were happy. and I was to.  It took me back to the farm, where I was young and innocent. Yep I was innocent at one time.  Going to comment on blogs.


jack69 said...

INNOCENT? INNOCENT? hahahahahahaha Even the geese B smiling.

Aw shucks I know what you mean about them looking fat sassy and smiling. I had a dog like that once.

Glad you got the rain and no damage to go along with it. We have pretty weather today.

Love from North Carolina

Beth Niquette said...

lol You are such a great writer! Glad you got the rain you folks needed. ((hugs))

Sheila Y said...

We have a couple of geese that hang out around one of the grocery stores here every year. The first year the mommy goose was nesting with her babies around her and Cori and I parked so we could walk up and take a look. It wasn't long before daddy goose came running up to run us off...ha. Have a good day! Sheila

shirl72 said...

Got your message and answered it.
I did hear on the news about all
the bad weather. We are still hot,
& rain Sat. I looked out last night
and a raccoon was eating the birds
seed. I got my sling shot and shot
at it and he just watched the rocks
go by and kept eating. I guess it
was hungry, but it looked healthy.
Had no idea they like bird seed.

~mel said...

Hi Lucy ~ checking in on you to see if you survived all the nasty weather. It seems so early in the season for such harsh storms. Our climate is changing ~ and I don't think it's to the better.

Smiling happy geese ~ Love it!


Glad you got to see the geese. If say they looked happy, then they were.

Chatty Crone said...

So glad you survived all that.

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