Thursday, May 29, 2014

I am hoping this will post alright

Gradually making progress.  Doesn’t seem like it but I am thinking positive.  I think.  My brain is a muddled mass of thoughts.  My son thinks I am crazy but down deep he  likes the fact that I just dive in and if it works, great.  If not then I don’t have a computer.  I just feel so good.  When Dr. Merliss walked in he said “great color”and when I went in Dr. Gobbo’s the office girl said, “good color”so I decided I had good color.  It is hot here.  Ran the air day and night.  It was 90 yesterday and 89 last week.  Joe has to get our license plates today.  The tax on our car is 5.00 and wheel tax is  74.00.  They don’t have wheel tax in Texas.  I suppose a lot of people live in states that have better ideas than to profit off the elderly, poor.  Griping already.    Mainly because I haven’t got my bill from Merliss.  That is going to be a shock.

I have to tell you about Ron’s little black schnauzer.  He is still a pup and onery as can be.  Ron takes him out to do his last duties before bedtime. JUNE bugs are out and Ron said  he forgets what he is out there for and jumps to snag a June bug.  He said he is just like a rubber ball.  Spunky would tell him, “you are wasting your time. been there and done that”



Glad your coloring is so good. That means you are doing great.

jack69 said...

Glad you are the right color. I been worrying about that. (LOL)

It sounds very good to hear a DR say that. So now be careful with the incision and let it heal before starting to jump fences ETC.
Lightening bugs are fun for all ages and even animals it seems.
Love from NC

Chatty Crone said...

Girl you are sure doing good - I can tell from your writing!!!! I am glad your coloring is great!

Lucy Horky said...

Jack, I just can't beieve I skipped right over you yesterday. Then I went bandfnd

Lucy Horky said...

Jack, I just can't beieve I skipped right over you yesterday. Then I went band fnd and tat was impossibl

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