Saturday, May 31, 2014

We are supposed to have storms, some severe.

I guess the biggest tomorrow.  They are getting closer than ever when they are doing damage  Crime is up. I think my elderly mind is either to old to remember that much crime or it truly is worse.  The biggest crime spree here was Charles Starkweather and his girl friend.  I remember  him saying when he was in the electric chair that his girl friend should be on his lap because she killed people to. Some  man walking his dog on a country road but just outside of Lincoln was hit by a car or truck 2 nights ago and the person ran that hit him.  The dog went home dragging his leash then his wife knew something was wrong.  She found him dead in a ditch.  He just retired from Christian Heritage, a organization  that has fed hungry people and kids, and nearly anything for a person in need.. My neighbor is still here and Barbs  junk has  grown.  I can’t blame the neighbor for moving but she knew the junk was there, when she  rented the place.  I have only talked to her over the fence but she is truly mixed up.  I like her but she does not know how to keep her head screwed on straight.  I feel kind of sorry for her if half the story she has told me about her child hood is true.  Her boy is a saint.  He is a big young man but won’t be thirteen till next year.  She had him in High School and she says her mother is an alcoholic.  If it was not for him taking over on the 2 boys she had by her husband  I hate to think how much worse they would be. They are about 18 months apart and she is pregnant again.  I better get off of here and see what it does.  Live writer is still confused as to where to go with the blog.



What a sad story about the man being hit and the driver running.

Paula said...

Just stopping in to say "good morning" and see what's going on in your world. Have a good day.

Chatty Crone said...

You had some interesting stories there gal!

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