Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sun is out but we are supposed to get a big storm starting tonight.

We will see how this turns out.  I have a feeling one will win out over the other.   Or they both will show up. I kept busy all day yesterday and can feel it in my body today.  Joe was restless this morning so I got up.  He pulled weeds and  was out in that hot sun.  I keep telling him it will catch up to him.  He is just a stubborn Bohemian but he does not need to go  out in the heat of the day.  He thinks he is invincible.  I did really well.  He actually loosened his grip on me.  I got to go to the basement, and the mail box.  Got to wander in the yard looking at the flowers, one problem, WEEDS in the flower beds.  I won’t take a chance on doing to much to reach them.  Not yet.  I reached one that looked like a rag weed.  I pulled that thing out and it was about 2 foot tall.  It came out easy since the ground was still moist from Joe watering the iris.  I am looking for a telephone that mounts on the wall, is easy to program with one extension. Cordless.  I also do not want to pay 85.00 for it.  Rip off.  Smart phones are nearly putting regular phones prices up and offering more limited styles.  Must go for now.



Glad you are getting out and about. That has to make you feel great. I know what you mean about phones. Expensive, indeed.

Chatty Crone said...

I am glad you are moving and grooving too! Phones are terribly expensive - I agree!

jack69 said...

I know it is a fact, JOE IS THE ONLY STUBBORN PERSON in your house. (smile)
You too 'know how to over do' don't you.
Glad you are getting out now just take it ease for a few more days....

DD said...

Hello Dear Lucy,
I am glad you are well enough to be out pulling rag weeds. Hoping you will be clipping bouquets from your garden soon.
I got your message about your restoring the computer back to factory stage. You are such a smart lady. I admire you.
And yes, as you said, we are a very close southern family.
Take care, I am glad you are so much better.

shirl72 said...

Glad Joe is letting you do some
things, sometime I think it makes
us feel better to accomplish

Glad you are able to do a little.
Take care from your Southern Belle
friend who needs to work in her
yard today.

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