Monday, June 2, 2014

Running Late as usual, sorting bills, paid and unpaid

I hate the above job!!!   If they were all paid,that would not be so bad.  If I could teach Joe the check book writing I would turn that all over to him.  He just can’t figure out why the final figure  in the checkbook  needs to be carefully checked against checks that have not been cleared.   I asked him where he got the idea that everything on the statement is right.  He said when I was in therapy for my knee he went to the bank and they showed him. I said that is for only the  people with plenty of money.  I also will not do the bills on line.  I would not trust myself to keep all straight.  We just get to where I am not so nervous  about it then I have all of these ridiculously high health bills.  Haven’t  talked to my neighbor lately.  It has been so hot.  I was not going to stand out there.  She got  her Air on.  She said the thermostat was so complicated she had to have the person that put the furnace in come and program it.  She told Joe that the pack rat lady told her she has 10 cats over there.  Some babies.  I bet she has them in the house.  The junk just keeps growing.  The back windows on the house that looks out on the alley is totally packed with all kinds of things.



DD said...

Hi Lucy,
I am like Joe. I mess the check book up every time I touch it..haa.
I have been working all morning for a change. I am clearing out my closets again. I hope I don't regret the donations and run to the store to buy it back like I did that rug once..haa.
Take care,

jack69 said...

You are not the only one running late, so here I am finally also.
sherry does our accounting. I laugh at Joe, he is like my son Mark, Why balance the bank will tell me if I am wrong!!!! Yeah, at the cost of $25. hahahaha

Glad you are able to handle the accounting anyway.
From NC,, LOVE

Sheila Y said...

I left a comment on my 'Hello' entry on my blog answering your question about the dogs luxating patellas. I wasn't sure if you seen it so I just wanted to let you know. Hope the day is going well for you. I handle the bill paying too although Rick worked in banking in his previous life. Ha. So he could take it over if need be, but his system would probably be different from mine. Take care, Sheila

Paula said...

I'm glad John and I have separate bank accounts. He sees no need to balance and I have to be to the penny or I go crazy. Maybe your neighbor will end up on The Hoarders.

Jean said...

Grover wouldn't know where to start, ha. I have it all to take care of. I don't balance checks anymore I let the bank do it, but keep a close eye out in case they mess up. You take care. Jean


Bill paying is always tedious. Ten cats is 8 too many if you ask me.

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