Thursday, June 5, 2014

As usual, late again.

This is going to be short and sweet.  Not so sweet but as you all know my heart is is the right place so I am a happier heart person.  I HOPE.  Ron called yesterday and they got hit hard with the storm.  One car that was Kathy’s with extremely high mileage had the back windshield knocked out with hail.  Ron said it was baseball size hail.  They left it out of the garage because it is seldom driven cause the motor and all are shot because of the wear and tear.  I think Ron was keeping it around in case he needed a part off of it. They are forecasting another round of storms.  Shirl, I did the same when I had a garden and wasn’t it fun when we succeeded!!!  I didn’t get a tomato plant this year and I wanted one so bad.  Hope Ron and Kathy’s garden is going to be good.  Joe took Spunky for a short walk.  They take their time and he takes water for Mr. Spunky.  We are not pushing it on the leg issue. He only takes him about 7 blocks round trip.  The little bumps take their toll from the Cushing disease and they itch and we have to watch him or he will lick and chew one until he has it off. He and I go round and round at bed time with his treats and howling.  He wins every time.


jack69 said...

Ha! Honesty is nice I liked this:

He (spunky) and I go round and round at bed time with his treats and howling. He wins every time.*****

Now we all know we could just as well fill in the name "Sir Joe"/

Glad the heart is still treating you right.
I too wish we had a tomato plant. I actually have 5 little plants about an inch high from seeds, reckon I have a chance? I WONDER!

Love YOU GIRL...


That was some hail storm up there. Glad nobody got hurt.

shirl72 said...

Hope you are feeling OK. I am
late commenting, but been busy
with chores. Now things are back
in place.

Tell Joe and Spunky hello.

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