Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Just about got got blown away.


These are my mothers day flowers in the basket’s and  above the blue ones is my balloon plant. Plus new railing my oldest living  child put those up for me.  We got a storm  from 9:00 PM till ????.  I finally  went to sleep around 12:00  AM.  The sky was lit up for hours, with lightening and it was pouring rain and small hail high winds.  Then around 10:30 it started settling down but I woke up  sleeping,  It was nasty.  later and the thundering and lightening and wind was at it again. Spunky was not afraid. Joe tried to get him out and he would not stay out there even with Joe with him. So he must be ready to burst.  Got my hair cut.  Feels so much better. I finally figured out Spunky likes hard boiled eggs. I usually have one that cracks., while I am boiling them.  So I like warm eggs.  The minute I sit down with my hard boiled egg, here comes our lumpy dog, Spunky. He sits  patiently waiting. for a bite.  I made deviled eggs and he likes the tangy filling I put back in the egg white.  He acts like he is sound asleep but he lifts his head and watches to see  if I go to the kitchen.  Shirl,  I know we aren’t as sharp as we once were.  I guess  that goes with age.  So  you  can harvest your crops and concentrate on how nice the results. are.  That will exercise your brain.  As perky as you are I don’t think you have to worry about that.


Paula said...

Good morning Lucy, glad you survived the storm. We're very hot here now. Susie won't eat egg yolks at all and you would think she would like them. She is spoiled.


Thank goodness you survived the wrath of that storm. Funny about Spunky and the eggs.

shirl72 said...

I saw on the news about the storm
that hit Nebraska it looked bad.
Glad you didn't get any of the damage.

Lucy my vegetables are really growing. I have tomatoes an squash on the vines. I also saw a small cucumber. It is funny that things do well, I don't know about growing things I just plant and hope.

Take care and tell Joe and Spunky
I said hello.....

jack69 said...

Awww you and Shirl are both spoiled. BUT that Spunky guy is one smart dude.

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