Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I can not believe that I still can’t remember to type this first before I set my blog up

I actually got a blog to go through and  got some of my commenters back.  My computer was really slow and  it would bring then pages I didn’t want I went to Google and it seemed to do better.  We have a lady coming at 1:39 from our insurance  to see if they can DO ANYTHING TO HELP.  They could pay all of the bills from the Heart team.  They have paid pretty well so far but still a lot standing.  Lea, you made me so hungry, arrangements for a wedding cake and a lot of different  arrangements.  Leave it to Martha Stewart but I bet with experience or not afraid to try out things they would come out good.  I like hearing about all of the foods you post pictures of where you and Marco go to eat.  Most looks a lot different from plain American food.  I don’t recognize much of anything of the dinners.  We have had 3 nice days in a row, of nice weather.  Of course summer just began here and it will be HOT.  Jean, I know these computer problems are so upsetting.  My picture is stuck on my blog .  It was to big so I.was told but if that is the case why did it even fit. I want to take another picture of my balloon plant.  It sat on the back porch and froze all last winter and I noticed when it started warming up green started appearing so I  started watering it and then sat it outside and it has 2 blooms open and lots of buds. I would plant it outside but it is best to just keep whatever plants I have close to the porch.  I finally got on Facebook for a while and it is the repeat stuff all over again.  So I don’t think I am missing out on much.  Time to go jump, no, not jump   .in the shower but carefully get in the shower.


Paula said...

That's how I have to get in the shower veeeery carefully. Isn't getting older the pits? Guess we have to be thankful to still be alive.


It's slippery in the shower. Be careful.

Lea said...

Hi Lucy, I'm glad you enjoy my posts. I am now planning to limit our times eating out and try different recipes I see on the internet. Healthier and more economical. We just love to try out different food out of curiosity.. and our love for food.

Always step in the shower carefully. One slip and you'll never know what's next.

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