Tuesday, June 24, 2014

This is another lets co-operate more plea to blogger.

I am going to see what happens with this.  I have not tried  Live Writer since I changed blogs.  Hope it will come out ok.  I swear I am just going to walk away but, OH No!!!  I just stick with it till I can barely move when I stand up.     I did accomplish one thing.  I got rid of “the cutest whatever.”  that makes me happy and I am going to tackle the picture next, but not today.I fear for my computers life if I screw up again.  At least I am suffering in silence, mainly because I don’t think to many people are connecting.  It is always slower in the summer as far as commenting.  Shirl I  have seen some of the pictures Jack posted in all kinds of painful position, in the vanity and others I could not even come close to getting my body bent like that.  It sounded like he had a relaxing day Sunday.  I hope he gets done soon.  Joe and I have both found out that that type of work is over for us.  Joe will attempt to do some repairs and does fair.


Jean said...

Lucy I'm having trouble with Bloggers it's not my computer, it's the same way on both. Earlier Jacks came up, and before that Paula, It's only one at a time and I can't get it to show more. I'm glad yours showed up. We are having a lot of rain here and that means more work from limbs and pine cones in the yard, I do wish for some dry weather. Take care, Jean.


Blogger is having a problem. There is a bug in the software affecting all of us. Our reading lists won't load. So if that is happening to you it's not anything you or your computer are doing to cause it. be patient and they will fix it. I hope.

Paula said...

Glad I was able to read you today. Hope they can fix it soon.

jack69 said...

Believe it or not, I have went thru my entire list of Blogger friends and alphabetically you are near the bottom. So I finally made it.
Hey the blog looks good. Don't mess with it.
Yeah I know that is a stupid statement, you are a women and Women MUST CHANGE things or the world will stop. LOL

But it does look good. I will be glad when Bloger gets its act back together..

Lea said...

I hope Google will continue taking care of Blogger and the bloggers behind it.

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