Friday, June 27, 2014

It rained so hard round 6:30 or seven last night, my flowers look good.

I really wish I knew more about cleaning out the unnecessary junk in my computer.  I don’t know how and don’t think I could.  You should see my right handedklids and son in law.  When they do come over and try to help me with the computer I have never changed my mouse around.  I just moved it around to the left side and use my left hand to work my computer.  I push o the right side for the steps to  click on the right side and my left to work the left side of the mouse.  It is kind of funny to see these computer savvy kids look so confused when they first start working on it.  Today is Ron’s birthday.  I think he was born in 1952 and turns 62 today.  Joe is going to have to go to the store. We won’t be going anywhere,  for the 4th of July and our cabinets are getting bare..   I can’t believe that your son is 9 months already Lea. How old is Mateo.  Spunky is 10, going on 11.  Shirl, Spunky tried to  .jump on to the couch yesterday when the insurance  lady was here.  He almost made it but his leg he had surgery on just wasn’t strong enough. He slipped off on his rear. He was going to try it again and he stood there and looked at it and walked away.  You sound  like you are doing good.  Have you been out harvesting your crops??.  It is 7:30 and looks like it is about  6:30 at night at earliest.  It is really dark.  Bet there has been tornadoes, sometime last night.  I just hope no one was hit hard nor today because I think it is going to look like this all day. I would like to see Jean back on line It just thundered.  Yu are right Taryterre about me being fortunate to have known there may have been to close, More thunder.  I could not see the dash where the controls are and the car is as tired as I am.  When I am out in the light I don’t have a problem.  But under the canopy of the bank it doesn’t seems  like I have a problem.


Paula said...

Hi Lucy: Just stopping in to see how you are. I too wish I knew more about cleaning out my computer. My very first one I knew all that and had a book that helped me. Have a good day.

shirl72 said...

I better type something before
my screen jumps to another screen.
I have been having that trouble
all of a sudden it will go to a
different screen.

That us funny about Spunky, I hope
he didn't hurt his leg but he is

I have given squash to Jack, neighbors and friends. I have
abundance of cherry and grape tomatoes. Did I tell you I have
about 12 cotton plants. They are
so fascinating to me. It is a beautiful plant. I think every
school child should know how they
get 100% cotton garments. I didn't
know until I got involved with
the Historic Society. Take care.


We're not going anywhere for the 4th either. Just hanging out here at home, like you. But that will be relaxing, won't it?

~mel said...

We don't have any big plans for the 4th either ~ sometimes it's nice to just sit back and relax at home :)

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