Saturday, June 28, 2014

I had the strangest, longest night ever

I had the screwiest night I have had for a long time.  Wed. and Thurs night I slept so sound I did not hear anything.  I think I  must have just needed so much of a good nights sleep,  that I just finally did it.  It just caught up with me but did I ever make up for it..  I have been awake more than ever last night.  Joe has a fit because I get up at 6 or 6:30, so I laid there and tried to sleep.  I think I might have had 2 or 3 hours sleep.  Nothing was bothering me any more than usual and I was no more worried about anything than usual.  Joe will think I am abnormal, and maybe I am but I have never been the best sleeper in the world.  My biggest thing is trying to settle him down.  He knows that is one thing he can’t do and control when I sleep or how long.  We got another thunder storm  last night.  It was closer to morning.  and more rain.  It is almost soggy outside.  This year we have had different weather than ever.  Lea, I like to eat to and I like to try different things.  I bet you are a good cook though.  I can not believe your little one is  what?  9 or 10 months old.    At my age time does fly.  I felt so bad for Spunky when his first attempt to jump up on his couch failed.  I think it might have jarred him a little,  He a sleeps at the foot of our bed and it is crowded there with not much room between the wall and bed but it is where he chooses to be, but he whined a little last night when he laid down.  The leg also seems like he lays it out as straight  as he can. They didn’t want to keep him under to long so they didn’t have an orthopedic doctor, do it.  Our vet did and he said they were going to patch it up.


Paula said...

I wonder why men can sleep so easy and women can't. My sleeping is so disconnected and John can just fall asleep anywhere anytime. Hope you get some more good nights sleep and hope I do too.


Poor Spunky. I know what you mean about being restless. I was up most of the night here too.

Lea said...

Hi Lucy, oh I am trying my best to cook. It's always been some hand-me-down recipes from my mom. I also look for recipes in the internet. But I must admit, Marco is the better cook.

About being restless, I've been there, too. Especially when I was pregnant. Recently, I had maybe twice last week. Yes, Elijah is 9 months old on the 5th of July and how time really flies it's crazy.

Mateo and Elijah are now beginning to appreciate each other. Elijah pulls his hair, though. But Mateo being the friendly dog has a lot of patience with the kid, and with that I am thankful for. I had a friend in Italy who had to give up her dog because his youngest baby and the dog can't get along well. If I won't be able to post photos of Elijah and Mateo on my blog, I will send you some.

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