Sunday, June 29, 2014

I made up for lost time on sleep

One of my least favorite holidays is the 4th of July.  I want  and am patriotic but I despise the fire works.  Someone  South west of us had a professional, or I should say a permit to have this show on, early.  Those fire works sounded like they were in our back yard.  Thank goodness  it ended at 10:00.  They were so loud.  By that time I was punchy from lack of sleep.  There are supposed to be severe Thunderstorms and possible tornado’s  and high winds and big hail.  I would say we will get it the way it looks out there.  Yesterday it did not get out of the high sixties until  about 5 and then the sun came out bright and it shot up to 82.  That  didn’t seem hot but it was very humid.  That in itself is enough to use the Air conditioner.  It is getting old so I hope it hangs in there.  Ron has been bothered terribly with arthritis.  He was having a hard time doing his work which is body shop. for autos, not people.  I will probably murder this word but Cathy brought him home some glucosamine and he said that is the only way he can work.  It has really helped.  I told him we give Spunky the animal kind and it works wonders.  He is getting fat again, not Ron, Spunky.  Joe would give that dog his whole dinner if he could and our dog is well fed with his dog food.  And when I say a little piece Joe makes it a human serving size “Piece.”  My balloon plant is blooming again.  We are soggy here, but the plants like it.



Hope the storms aren't too bad. I know wind and hail can do a lot of damage. Fireworks are fun to watch, but only at a SAFE distance. Hope they aren't too close to you to disrupt your evening, this year.

Paula said...

We haven't hit the triple digits yet but it's hot enough. Hope Spunky doesn't get too scared of the fireworks this year. Have a good Monday Lucy.

Lea said...

Stay safe and warm Lucy. Mateo follows anyone who has food and stares like he is obliging you to give him a piece of what you eat. He will wait until we are finished eating with hopes that we will give him some. And when he gets nothing then he will proceed to his dog dish, full of dog food, and then eats. Please give Spunky a belly rub from us.

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