Monday, June 30, 2014

We lucked out, No storms and it looks like the sun is trying to shine and the weather is cooler

Every morning is a challenge.  It was nice to hear from  Chatty Crone, real name Sandie.  I found a blog I could comment on so  I was able to wish her a speedy recovery.  Seems to be doing quite well.  I am glad it is nearly over with.   I commented on my last blog I didn’t like fireworks and hated the 4 th.  The reason I feel that way was a really bad incident with my alcoholic neighbor when their mother was still alive and drunk, which was an every day  thing with her.  They had all raised cane all night and the next day more joined them.  The kids didn’t have to be drunk but just went along with  their drunk mom.  Their border o their driveway ran right past  our kitchen window.  I would not have anything to do with them and they were trying to make life miserable for us.  They were throwing strings of fireworks under our kitchen window and another kid was  burning rubber driving up their real steep driveway.  The air reeked of rubber.  A police officer came and told them to knock it off.  Finally I had enough of the fireworks under our window, so I quietly had Joe bring the water hose around and then perched my self on the railing of the porch with hose and the daughter came around with a whole string of fireworks already lit and got by our window and then saw me and she ran back with the fireworks still lit  to her yard.  That was one of the many things but that sticks out in my mind.  She died and her husband had already passed away so the youngest boy got the house.  We tried to get along with him but  it is impossible to get along with an out and out alcoholic.


Lucy said...

Just testing.

Paula said...

Your new blog background is so nice and fitting for the 4th of July. Yes I can understand how hard it would be to live next to a family of drunks.

shirl72 said...

Well I guess you are celebrating
the 4th...I like to see fireworks
but only when they are shot off
by professionals and at a distant
to see them go in the air..

Well when I saw your blog I almost
stood and started to sing


I can understand why you wouldn't like fireworks based on that experience.

jack69 said...

Oh yes we are all glad for the Chatty one. She is very sweet and has had a terrible ordeal but is coming out a winner me thinks...
Yeah, some folk you cannot get a long with. I did smile thinking of you and the water hose. hahahaha

Lea said...

Now I understand why you don't like fireworks. When we were kids, I am watching fireworks with my cousins and a bit of like an ash fell on my cousin's eye. Good thing he blinked so he was not blinded. He just got a scar on his eyelid. He was maybe 2 years old that time. That was New Year's Eve. Since then we only watch fireworks from a distance but we still appreciate its art.

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