Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 1st already

Time does fly.  We didn’t get any storms but it sure cooled off.  Not supposed to be any more bad weather, but rain on the 4th.  That doesn’t bother me.  I finally gave in and made an appointment with the family Dr.  I felt so good the first 3 weeks after surgery and  I can not pin down why that changed.  I have just felt lousy the last 2 weeks. I am so tired  right now.  I kind of feel like I did when I needed the transfusion.  I can’t afford any more.  They were 400.00 dollars, for the two. I am thinking age is catching up to me and he is going to tell me that.  I also think my body is trying to get used to the pacemaker, or may not like the foreign object in my body, but it will have to adjust.  I am conscious of the beat all the time and  Joe said he doesn’t feel his.  Of course the Dr. told me  my heart would still beat fast but the pace maker would keep it from stroke being likely.  That is enough about my stuff going on.  I have a ton of bills Coventry has not paid on.  Can you believe I turned the air off it is so cool.  It was very hot and humid yesterday and by 3 PM it dropped to 69.  Dropped more over night.  Joe and Spunky will have to take me today.  I could go alone if they had a parking area up close but I always parked in the parking garage then had to walk  to a long hall just outside the building to get to the office..  So Joe and Spunky will take me, and wait for me.  Spunky is so funny.  He still howls at me for treats at bedtime.  I swear that dog can count.  We get to where I say all gone and he howls again.  I have to give him my famous evil eye and he gives me one just like it.  Finally at the last minute he gives in, goes around the foot of the  bed and goes to the other side and then looks at me, like I am the meanest person on earth.  Joe is up so I can go take my shower.  Be back later.


Paula said...

Your weather sounds great. I bet Spunky can count, he's so smart and you didn't even have to send him to school.

shirl72 said...

I wish we would have cool weather.
It is in the 90's..My cousin in
LV said their temp was 110. You can't stay outside long..

Spunky is so funny he is smart.
I bet he can stare you down.

Take it easy and hope your app. goes well.


Hope things go well at the doctor office. Spunky is sweet the way he tries to play you. Cool weather, at night expected here in next couple of days. Take care.

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