Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Another day closer to the 4th, Then I will be happy to get it over.

I slept until 7:15!!!!!  I am glad I went to the doctor yesterday.  He got me straight.  One thing I should know by now.  But I am to hard headed to believe it.  I think always, the worst.  O strange visual disturbance, like I told him a shutter effect.  I could see the TV but it was like looking through a venetian blind and rolling.  Guess what, A migraine!!  This is going to sound strange but that was a big relief.  One of the reasons I had the surgery was losing part of my vision.  I thought , what a waste of time and money.  Blood pressure was normal and good.  They took blood to be sure that the anemia was not   starting  again.  He said If I stayed tired,  call the heart team and tell them I want  my pace maker checked cause he said it may need to be set differently,not be set right and that is the reason for the tiredness.  All is ok******HOORAY.  Nothing will spoil my mood today.  I may even be able to talk Joe into letting me go to the dollar store.  Spunky and Joe took me..  No one knows how much I believed I had messed with my heart and  for nothing.  Might even keep time with the fire works going off and you all know I don’t like fire works. That is how elated  I am.  Enough about me.   I am just glad that Chatty’s diagnoses was not grim, to the point where she  would not make it.  Her fellow bloggers have been all so good to her.  This is a me. me. blog but Joe is up and I smell coffee so no more “me” stuff.


Paula said...

Good morning Lucy: We've already been to the ranch and home again. Glad you are in a happy mood, I am too. Feels good, huh?

Lea said...

Hi Lucy, I'm glad you are in a good mood today. Tomorrow is Elijah's well-baby check up, I can't believe I have a 9 month old baby already! He's 9 months on the 5th. He grows up so fast I wish I could slow it down.


It is great that the doctor's findings helped lift your mood. Stay upbeat and you will feel better for sure.

shirl72 said...

Glad you are feeling better. Jack
is working on his house. He is
happy when he is in the middle of

Hope You, Joe and Spunky have a
nice July 4th. I hope Spunky will
not be scared of fireworks noise.
We have firework shows all over. I don't mind them just want to be
far, far away when the are going off. Try to rest and take care.

Beth Niquette said...

You are a good writer, my Friend. I love reading your blog. I've been away from my computer a LOT over the past few weeks, so haven't been visiting blog land much lately. I've missed you! Glad you are feeling well, sweet lady.

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