Monday, June 16, 2014

Just going to check to see if this will go to my blog

Wow, it acts like it will do what it is supposed to.  I have been so isolated on here I can barely believe it is responding.  I am still tossing around the idea of 8.  It leaves a bitter =taste in my mouth to think I will be forced on everyone eventually.  Windows 7 is going down according to what I understand.  My disks for reinstalling my system will only take 2 out of 4 and microsoft handles the rest so as you finally figure out it is  fed into my system, like what they send or not. It says it is updating my system.  Must get to the kitchen.  So good to be back.  I still have live writer.  Hope it keeps on while I need it.  Will get to your blog’s one of these days soon.  Like tomorrow if all doesn’t crash.


shirl72 said...

Glad computer is working right now.
Blog came through very good. Be
nice to the computer while it is

Tell Joe and Spunky hello..


I can read your blog just fine. I know all this technological stuff is for the birds. HANG IN THERE.

Paula said...

Glad to read you and if you have to go to Windows 8 you are so smart you will pick it up in time. It's just different but I bet it will be a challenge to you. I don't like somethings about it but I'm staying with it.

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