Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Nasty storm in Nebraska last night

It is supposed to get to 95 here today and hot and humid.  A storm hit this little town in southeast Ne, yesterday,  350 people lived in this town, 16 were in critical condition, 3 more in serious & 1 dead.  It flattened that little town You may have seen the tornado clouds.  They had to be on TV.  I never want to be any where near if I see one.  It was one huge black cloud and a highway ran down the middle of this cloud and on each side of the road there was  a large funnel hanging down from the one big cloud. In my 84 years I have never seen  anything like that before and I never want to    see it again. Well you all, I am going to see if this will get to my blog.  The Cutest blog on the block came back and I can not get it off.


shirl72 said...

Storms scare me. We are having
hot weather and at night some
bad. I feel sorry for those that was in the storm.

Hope you are feeling good and
getting along with your computer.
Mine will do it on thing sometime,
but they are good so we can stay
in touch..Take care and I hope you
don't have any storms. Hope my
friend Spunky is feeling OK. Tell
him I said hello.


I'm glad you are safe. Storms like that one you all had was scary for sure.

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