Thursday, June 26, 2014

Made my first trip, seemed like it to me, with Joe’s consent to let me drive the car.. Hate to admit it but it is a fact, but not telling Joe

If I told him it took me a while to find everything I would never see the drivers seat again.  I  didn’t create any problems but I bet the guy that was behind me at the bank window just about had a heart attack when I put our care in reverse instead  of drive.  Needless to say it only moved a small amount and I put it in drive.   Another secret Joe will carry.  He has stopped me driving for months.  I did not feel the greatest all day, yesterday.  The insurance nurse came to evaluate both of our health and memory.  Anything else again.  He passed ok and so did I.  Then I got working about  the blog and I forgot about it.  I am sure I will have to work a like a bunch like heck.


shirl72 said...

Lucy I'm glad you got to make a
road trip. You are doing good
I'm sure you are capable of doing
the things you have always done
maybe a little slower. I am getting slower.

We took a 97 year old friend to
lunch this week and his mind is still sharp. He is the out of wedlock son of W. C. Fields
the silent film actor his mother was with Zig Field Follies. He makes speeches people like to hear his life story. He was also
a Marine. Thought you might find
this story interesting.


Sure glad you didn't back into that guy behind you when you put the car in reverse. It would have ruined your day for sure.

Paula said...

Glad you got out. Once my foot slid off the brake in a fast food line and I hit the car ahead of me. I had to tell John because it was his truck I was driving. lol

Lea said...

I'm glad you still completed the drive and arrived home safely. Blogging can make us forget the not-so-good things that happened during the day.

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