Saturday, June 21, 2014

So far so good, so I am going to keep on keeping on until this computer or I die.

I over indulged last night on beer.  Not the intoxicating kind, root beer barrels.  Joe gets it in the dollar section at the grocery.  You can not find the old fashioned root barrels in any of the stores we have here.  Joe even looked at Walmart.  I still have neighbors but I don’t know for how long.  I haven’t talked to her for a week or 2.  I do know that she is upset because stray cats have invaded what little space there is in the hoarders back yard.  Last count between mothers and kittens there were 18. Joe saw a big one come down off the neighbors yard  and headed our way but it must have turned off.  Spunky does not like cats.  Joe said he might think it was a raccoon and take after him. I told Joe Spunky is smarter than that.  We still have our nightly stand off over his treats. Thanks for the Jacking up Jack and all of you are so encouraging.  Shirl,  are you still harvesting squash and tomato’s  I didn’t buy a plant this year.  I would have, but I did not know how I would feel after surgery.  Paula did your tomato’s finally get settled in to one spot?  I forgot to say since surgery I feel really good.  Of course I still have old age twinges  and I just tell myself  that is good.  I have to live a long time to get my mothers worth.


Paula said...

So glad you are feeling good other then the normal aging that we all have. Yes I ate my first tomato and have ten more but the plant looks bad and the new blooms are drying up. I think it is just too hot where I planted them.


Those root beer barrels sound so good. I haven't seen them in years. I'm glad you are feeling so good.

Lea said...

Wow, root beer barrel.. I never had one before. I'm glad you are doing ok. Just stay happy, you have a lot of reasons to. Speaking of plants, I don't have a green thumb. All I have here is a pot of orchid that Marco gave me last Mother's Day. It is still alive, thank God. But I always wanted to have a mini vegetable garden.

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