Saturday, June 21, 2014

Very short, Time got away from me and it is nearly nine PM

Just a very quick line tonight.  Got up with a root beer barrel hangover.  I swear I do believe I ate to many.  Thought I was  past that stage.  I guess old ladies get carried away just like kids.  I thought of Spunky and always telling him he is going to get heavy and will hurt his leg.  He just keeps on howling.  Will close for now and appreciate all of the encouragement.  Will hang with this old computer till it dies.


jack69 said...

I am late also. So you keep on howling like the spunky one (And ole Joe!)
Sending love at 11:30 to Nebraska...


It's easy to go on a sugar binge. Root Beer Barrels are tasty for sure. Hang in there with the computer.

shirl72 said...

Lucy I wish you could see Jack's
blog he is putting pictures on what he is working on it is an efficiency out of his storage area.

Lucy don't give up keep on your
friends want to read your blogs.
We depend on you to tell us what
is going on and you would be missed. So keep on keeping on.
We need to know how Spunky is doing. He is keeping on.

Lea said...

Hi Lucy. Oh well, we all sometimes overeat and drink. I sometimes do that still, and I'm no longer a child :)

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