Friday, July 11, 2014

I never did get my blog written yesterday

I felt good for the first time in a while yesterday.  My balance was better, Kathy stopped by with some really good gooey brownies  and I made macaroni salad.  Didn’t have  some ingredients I would like to have had but had red onion and hard boiled eggs.  That worked.  I like to put a little pickle in mine and sometimes some shredded carrot.  I think I am getting my sleep pattern more normal.    Have tweaked my pills that I take for sleep.  I think that has helped. When I had  the racing heart I think my body needed to have extra stuff for it to get any rest.  It is still racing but somewhat controlled.  The pacemaker helps a lot.  I wonder how many people had that when it was  years ago.  I did my little pity party day before yesterday on my blog.  That is over. I have been worried about the bill but insurance came through pretty good.  My bill was 27,451.72 just for the heart hospital but Coventry came through and yesterday I got a statement that  I only owe less than 200.00.  What a relief.  Joe is going to cut Spunky’s stairs he made for him down to a much smaller version.  Less than half its full size length he made for him when his leg was healing.  I was going to order some steps for him because he has not been able to make it up on the couch alone yet.  He just does not have the strength in his hind quarters to quite make it.  His back feet slip off, the couch and that has been his bed from the day we brought him home, when he was a year old, from the humane society.  Those full length steps of the couch has to go. Kathy likes my balloon plant.  Especially when she found out it survived freezing.  Guess we are going to have the Abbott reuion again this year at my nieces cabin.  It is a fairly long drive and I already know Joe won’t go, so if I do it will be with Ron and Kathy.  Just have to see how things are working.  It is about 50 miles.  Maybe a little less.


slj said...

Hi Lucy, Glad to hear you are doing better:)
Thank God your insurance covered as much as it did..that's a large bill.
A family reunion sounds like a lot of fun:)

jack69 said...

Amazing the costs of living today from a medical standpoint. But it seems that the trips to the DR & Hospital were worth it. Especially since the Ins done well.
The best to the Spunky one, Joe will take care of the old guy.

Paula said...

Glad you weren't left with too much to pay and glad you are feeling better. Hope you get to go to the reunion is you want to.

Chatty Crone said...

My bill was 43K for one day! I had to pay $600 - they wrote off $40K - what is that?

I am glad you are feeling better.

I hope you get to the reunion!

shirl72 said...

I didn't get my comments written.
I have been lazy and it it hot.
Glad you are feeling better and
the dizzies were not bad.

Good you had a break on Dr. bill.
It is hard to understand why they
have gone up so high. I guess that
is life and we have to keep all of
their salary's going.

Stay cool........

Mevely317 said...

Hi Lucy ... it's nice to meet-cha! I wandered this direction, off Ship's Log -- aren't Jack and Sherry the best?

Noting you love dogs, easy listening, county music and mysteries -- I'd like to hang around a while. Please-and-thank-you! :)

Myra (aka, Mevely317)

PS - My hubby was diagnosed last May w/ Stg. III lung cancer ... he's doing GREAT, thank goodness, but gosh I can empathize you about medical costs. Good grief!


the carrot in the macaroni salad sounds interesting. Hope you make your reunion. I know traveling a few miles can be a chore.

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