Sunday, July 13, 2014

Another day,and late at that

WE WERE FORECAST STORMS.  Don’t think we got any thing.  For the first time in a long time, I could not get to sleep last night.  I think I remembered everything good and bad that has ever happened in our lives.  Strange part of it was  it was good memories.  I really would rather  do my memory thing when I am supposed to be awake and forget nights.  Shirley I think I am winning the battle with Joe on the stairs and his bedtime treats with Spunky.  Haven’t looked at the thermometer yet but it is supposed to cool down tomorrow  or Tuesday Supposed to get only in the mid seventies  and low in mid seventies at, lower seventies at night.  As I understand from our Schwann man our alcoholic neighbor next door is having health issues.  After drinking for years, HEAVY,  and his mom and dad letting him drink bottles of beer out of their bottles when they were sitting outside and getting so sick he couldn’t walk, when he was about 2.  The doctor thought he lad leukemia.  They had sense enough to stop letting him have beer and he regained all of his abilities.  But now that he is 50 or 52 somewhere in there, he won’t admit it but the alcohol has finally got to his liver.  He is to sick to work from what I understand.  They have been so obnoxious and hateful to us because we would not put up with their partying. They did all they could to make our lives miserable so I  don’t have much communications with with them.  Not really any.  My youngest son were friends with the kids when they were going to school. Their parents were alcoholics and all but the daughter turned into alcoholics.  Enough of that.  Well, Joe just said coffee is done so better go and see  what is going on and see if coffee will wake me up a little more.  Later.


Paula said...

Your weather sounds wonderful. We still aren't to the double digits but girl it is sooo hot I guess from the humidity. Take care and stay feeling well.

jack69 said...

Yep, after a while the alcohol will beat the body. some fight it longer, but in the end, it seems to win.
Glad the weather is cool. We head for NY in the morning, I hope it is cool there.
Love from Lancaster, PA!

Jean said...

Good evening Lucy, I know how you feel about sleep, I had one of those nights a few nights ago. The weather is hot here, but we just got a shower of rain so maybe it will cool down some. Take care. Jean


We are having cooler temps here too. Feels nice.

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