Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I have been trying to get this written for about 2 hours

I am either going to have to buy some kits for this thing if they sell them or get one credit card just to down load the necessities.  I need new drivers and need to just clean this thing out.  I would take it down myself but that won’t help the new drivers.  I actually would just like to make a new one appear as long as it did not have windows 8.  But not possible yet.   The first computer I got was an E machine and did not ever have to replace drivers.  Seemed to me I got a area on the machine that I was able to download some stuff free that I needed to fix.  And I remember that I once downloaded 2 drivers and it did not cost a penny.  I see where my alcoholic neighbor had Dish installed.  Apparently hurting for money.  I don’t think he works  nor has for a while.  That is what alcohol in excess, daily does to you.  Neither do I believe he will quit drinking no matter how sick it makes him.  I truly do not believe he will ever quit.  I think he will die a young man.  He isn’t 40 yet.  I must say with all the stuff they put us through I should not care.  And truth be told , he don’t care if he gets well so why should I.  Spunky is a real stubborn dog.  Lovable but so stubborn.  He sleeps at the foot of our bed and this bring an old house we don’t have very many electrical outlets so we  had a cord we ran under the bed to an outlet  we had put in several years ago.  Joe taped it  so it would not interfere with Spunky’s choice of sleeping areas, but he did not get one little area where if laying just right Spunky’s foot would touch it.  When I say touch I mean barely graze it.  It is a bit unnerving to lay down in bed and apparently the weight of our body makes that little  droop in the cord move and he snarls and growls very loud but does not move.  It surprises  us and scared the wits out of me the first time it happened.  He will not move and waits for  one of us to shift and make it happen again.  Joe is tightening it up today.  I finally got Joe convinced that the  stairs he built for him when we brought him home after surgery on his leg was not needed any more.  So I now have  all but a cushion that we put down to give him a leg up if needed, and the god awful long steps are gone.  The leg is weaker but he most generally still jumps up there.  He has to struggle at times but if his back legs slip off he will go lay down on the floor.


jack69 said...

Ahhhh, the joys of computer problems. Yes, I think we all would like to know which 'FREE' stuff is good and safe.

We do use Norton and try to trust it to protect, but that is always not a fact either, plus it costs per year taht is for sure.
The best to you, Joe and the Spunky one and raspberries to the neighbors. That coming from New York...

Paula said...

Laughing @ Jack giving raspberries to your neighbors. That Spunky is something else. I always like to read about him.


Computer problems are the pitts. No doubt about it.

shirl72 said...

My computer does its own thing.
Sometime fast and other is will
take its time. I don't like when
they decide to change things and
do not consult us if that is what
we want. I guess we will have to
deal with change..not easy....

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