Thursday, July 17, 2014

See if I can cook up something on the computer

I think I mentioned  taking Spunky for what was supposed to be a block long and a block back.  He is like a stubborn mule.  When he wants to go farther he just plain stops.  It is like trying to turn around a brick wall.  I walked on uneven ground, very uneven ground, plus went about a block that I was not meant to happen.  Then I had to get back.  He laid down under a shade tree.   It was cool though,  We have been having record lows.  It has been getting down in the low fifties at night and  the upper 60’s and lower seventies during the day.  Joe just left with him now to take him for a walk.  I have been trying to get up the courage to call a repairman for my computer.  I just don’t think I can afford one.  So if I disappear you will know I am saving my money.


jack69 said...

Nah, we all know if it breaks YOU will fix it. (smile)
I think it was great youmake the walk.
Love and smiles from New York...

Paula said...

Your weather sounds heavenly and Spunky sounds like he is the boss. lol

shirl72 said...

We have also been having good
weather. Glad you took a walk
and was careful.

My computer is taking on a different life. When Jack and Sherry come back through Belmont going to Fl. maybe he can look and see my problem. I don't know a thing about these things, took a computer course but it was elementary didn't learn one thing,
to basic.

Tell Joe and Spunky hello.


Spunky sounds like me. I walk a few feet then have to rest. Hope your computer problems resolve themselves.

Mevely317 said...

Happy weekend, Lucy!

Gotta love Spunky's attitude! (This said from a thousand miles away - ha!)

I agree, your weather sounds delicious. Every summer for the last 11 years I've vowed, this is the LAST one I'm going to experience in Phoenix ... but I'm still here. Oh well, it could always be worse.

Sending lots of 'get well' wishes to your computer!

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