Sunday, July 20, 2014

I think I missed yesterday, was on very little, Babying computer.

Maybe not missed.  Who can remember from one day to the next.  If I make it that long November I will be 85. I never truly believed I would  make it that long and still may not.  One day at a time.  I am going to Shopko today if I have to walk.  There are certain days that I  am off balance and Joe must think I don’t know it.  But I get good days to and this is one of them.  Or at least as good as it gets.  It isn’t the heart surgery, it is arthritis.  Both hips needed replaced but I won’t do it now.  At least my heart is not trying to fly out of my chest. and no more stroke episodes.  That is the best thing about it all.  I heard in a round about way that my alcoholic neighbor has cancer.  His dad died of cancer.  Both very heavy drinkers.  The entire family was except for one girl.  As I understood it Tony is in the hospital.  All I can say is I hope if it is fatal it happens quickly. Even after  all of the rotten things they have done to us, why let him linger.  Joe is up so going to take a shower.  You all have a great Sunday.


Mevely317 said...

So glad to hear you're feeling pretty good today, Lucy!
Wishing you continued strength in the coming days!

jack69 said...

Hey, I didn't realize you were 4 days older than my girl. She was born Nov. 6th! WOW!

Now you missed yesterday, no biggie, I will bring you up to date:
....The president decided to start riding a bicycle and park Air Force one.
.....All our congressmen have decided to be honest and cooperate with each other.
....FDA says there are no bad foods. Eat Ice cream for Breakfast or a dozen eggs it is all good for you.
.....Joe has decided never to fuss nor complain.
''' You are gonna let Spunky play with Skunks.

That was all that happened, then that could all be lies too!

Love from New York..... Sorry you missed all the violence and sex on that day!

jack69 said...

Maybe that was a Coon you was gonna let Spunky have for a pet! (smile)

Paula said...

We're coming right along behind you so hope we can do as well as you. With your good attitude you may live to 100. I hope you do and still play with your computer.


Eighty-five is a milestone, indeed. I'm sure you have a lot of living left to do, so hang in there, one day at a time.

shirl72 said...

I'm also getting there I have
a friend 87 and she is active
and alert. So I can't complain
when I am around her.

You are doing good Lucy just
keep it up..Glad you took a walk
that helps keep you active.
Stay cool and take care.

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