Monday, July 21, 2014

Jack, you hit the nail on the head as far as the day I missed, except you always get it wrong on Joe!!!!!!!

I did get to Shopko all by myself.  I made it home to.  by the time I got what I needed  I should have stayed home, cost wise.  I felt so good  just to get out.  The heat has moved in since our exceptionally cool weather.  Supposed to go over 100 today.    Now you are going to see how long we have not picked anything up to eat at a drive through.  Joe is unsure where a lot of things are now and is very unsure where things are.  I did not want to cook so I asked him if he remembered where Taco John’s was.  There is not much traffic and close to home. We always got a six pack and a pound.  So I thought something like that would be easier for him.  He found it and I almost wish he had not.  It must have changed hands recently.  They didn’t know what the heck he wanted as far as a six pack and pound.    He explained it was 6 Tacos and a pound of Potato “O” s.  They were new people, all Mexicans and I had given Joe a 20.00 bill and normally it would have been about 8.00.  IT CHANGED HANDS!  Joe came home with 1.50.  Our dinner was good but it was so different.  They deep fried  the six tacos and it was not hamburger but it was some kind of beef.   with salsa with it.  A container of potato “0”s , they were so good. So Spicy!!.  The taco’s were much smaller or shrunk when deep fried.  The food was good but the price was a surprise.  Guess what, back to cooking, every day for this old gal.  I have this fear that Joe is losing abilities to get to where he needs or wants to go.  At least he doesn’t get mad when I explain various things that he still remembers from when his memory was good. It was interesting to eat different food.   It was actually a treat.


JOHN said...

Lucy you are a Blessing to Joe


I'm glad you enjoyed your treat. But I understand the cost of things going up, up, up. Forgetting little things is unfortunately part of aging.

shirl72 said...

It is a treat when you have something different to eat. Food
and everything is going up every
day. I guess we will have to get
use to high prices. Jack and
Sherry are in NY heading for Maine.
I will be glad when they come back
through headed to Fl. for the Winter. Stay cool and take care.
Tell Joe and Spunky hello.

Paula said...

John too gets confused about places where he has been for many years being born and raised in the county. Thank goodness he still drives to the ranch okay. Glad you enjoyed your treat. Food prices sure are going up. John complains and I explain the groceries cost more so the restaurants have to charge more to stay in business.

jack69 said...

Oh noooo, I am never wrong about Prince Joe the Bohemien. Head taller than most men and sugar doesn't melt in his mouth! FORGET? NEVER! me 'n him never forget, most of the times we even know our names!!! LOL

Love you lady and glad you enjoyed the new stuff, but Sherry too would have been upset at the price....
BUT as long as it was good, it is nice to have a PLUS!
Hey we are in Maine... Cool up here...

shirl72 said...

My Brother is at his self again. He
loves to kid you. We are at the
age we can take anything he comes
up with. He starts the trail today.
I wish he would give it up and come
back home...They want to finish
the trail. I told him they were
giving prizes away to those who finish.. Take care

Tell Joe and my friend Spunky hello.

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