Wednesday, July 23, 2014

This may be quick.

I got the most unusual advice from my son, Larry.  I asked him about some computer problems like getting drivers and He told me if you have  windows 7 microsoft will replace them for free. That is a joke.  I went to THE WEB PAGE the like he told me to and NOTHING IS FREE ANY MORE.   He also said  if they want windows replaced like it says microsoft or Hewlett Packard should  replace those for free.  NOTHING IS FREE ANY MORE.  He is a computer geek and has drawn up house plans and office plans for South East Community  College where he works as a jack of all trades but he does anything to do with carpentry on the computer and his hands.  He has built 3 houses.  He can do almost anything he sets his mind to.  At any rate he told me to take my computer down to the bare bones and run my disks if I could not get those free. I  just don’t know  yet what I will do, but it has to be something.  I liked your little Joke you sent Shirl.  Boy, do I need Jokes.Getting a little stressed.  Going to go set out on my journey into computer land.  Later, I hope.



computer issues can be enough bad news to ruin a day. hope you resolve yours soon.

Paula said...

Good luck my friend.

jack69 said...

It seems when we 'play' with the FREE stuff, there is always strings attached we do not want.

It would look like the drivers would be free though, as part and parcel of the whole package. Youcannot run without them.

Oh well, good luck and hugs from hanover Maine.

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