Monday, July 7, 2014

It was so hot yesterday the air just shut off for a few minutes and back on

.  It is supposed to get to 92 but  it might as well be 100.  It feels like it.  It is really strange how I had migraine headaches for years and then along about the time I was in my late 40’s they stopped.  went all this time not one migraine.  I guess the heart fix must have made  it feel like I was young again, or at least  my heart was.  So the migraines came back with a vengance.  It is easier to control as of now but don’t know how much longer.  Oh well  as painful as they are. I will take those over a stroke any time.

One more thing to complain about but will try to keep it down to a low roar.  The later part of August it should start cooling down.  We will get some hot days but you can see ahead  to maybe some light jacket weather and for the moment we won’t  to excited about winter yet.  Joe is up and I smell coffee.  I hope he is better today.  He won’t tell me when he feels not very well but he just gets real quiet and it just drives me nuts.  He either has allergies or at the present time a cold plus allergies.


shirl72 said...

We are going to have weather in the 90's this week. I'm so ready for cool weather. I don't feel like getting outside it is so hot.

My vegetable are still producing and I keep giving them to neighbors. Squash is wonderful and lots of grape tomatoes. I want someone to remind me next year not to plant so much. It takes half the day to water then I am tired..

Take care and tell Spunky and Joe
hello.. Spunky be careful no jumping. Don't yell at Lucy about
your treats she knows what you need.

Paula said...

No triple digits here yet but we know they are coming soon. It's hot enough.

Chatty Crone said...

What was I thinking - your one post said your temps were low and maybe the fall was coming - but this is
H O T !

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