Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July is over!!!!

One cat just ran across our front yard.  Hope it sits on  our alcoholic neighbors porch, and attacks them when they come out.  Him and his live in take their 2 dogs and a bottle of beer and walk their dogs.  Even when Joe was drinking when he walked  our dogs he never had a beer in his hands.  She is older than him by a quite a few years and has bleached her hair till she has not much left.  She was  living with him a few years back and she got picked up nearly in front of our house for DUI and no drivers license and extended her suspension so he kicked her out.  Now she is back.  It has lasted a couple of months.  We will see how much longer it will last.  Believe it or not I am going to make this short since I feel a migraine coming on.  The bright screen  aggravates it.  Shirl I wish I lived closer to you.  We could get younger together, and I would have the perks of seeing Jack and Sherry once in a while.  I could also see Jack and Sherry redo their projects for their grandkids and whoever else might need it.  I told Jack I could sure use a handyman, but got no response.  Course I didn’t expect any.   Later all.  Have a great day.


jack69 said...

Yeah it ain't smart to walk a dog with a beer (at least around here you would be arrested)
I wish you were closer also, me
n joe could sit in the shade and tell lies together. hahahahah

Lover from North Carolina for one more day then off to see the wizard...

shirl72 said...

Lucy today's world is up-side-down. Glad to talk with you. Jack will be leaving Tuesday they want to finish the Appalachian trail. I know they will be in touch.

Tell Spunky to wait about jumping on the sofa until his leg is completely well. We don't need to give the Vet more money. That is a smart dog and he will understand. You said he was learning to count.


Handymen are the greatest if you can find a good one. Hope your migraine goes away. My daughter gets them and I know it makes you miserable.

Lisa Petrarca said...

Hi Lucy! Thanks for stopping by. Sorry to hear about your terrible neighbors keeping you guys home all the time. That stinks, especially that you feel like they may do something to your home. Well I hope your 4th wasn't too bad even though you were housebound. We had a great day. It was our 1st 4th of July with our foster son, little J. Things are going very smoothly & he's adapting well. We spent it at my sis-in-laws in San Clemente & then road bikes down to the Huntington Beach pier for free fireworks. Stop by & check out our video of our day in the water at Laguna Beach (Crescent Bay) yesterday. My hubby saw a rare day moon coming out of the water. LOL!

Chatty Crone said...

I am running behind - but I hope you had a great 4th of July!

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