Saturday, July 5, 2014

What a looonnnggg night

I will start out by saying our Spunky has never been afraid of fire works before and he was ok in the house but by the time he was ready to go out and go to bed they were bombarding our house so much he would not go.  He never stays at the foot of the bed all night but he was there in the same spot when we got up.  Texas does not allow fire works at all and as much as I did not care for Texas when we visited, I wish they would do the same here.  That alone would almost, but not quite tempt me  to move down there.  When I fell asleep I did not move until about 8:00 AM.  Took my shower and feel better.  If all the people next door would just drop off the face of the earth, I would be a happy camper.  I was worried about fire.  I always have been. but these, were big ones.  I went out on my porch yesterday and my new neighbor was on hers.  She motioned me over.  I did not believe I could see so many kittens and cats.  They were crawling in the trees.  She has cat food and water out for them.  They originated from the house next to her that has all the junk in the back yard.  She showed me along side of the house and there was a large gap in the privacy fence between her house and their was all kinds of stuff as far as the back yard where it joined the rest of the trash.  She said , my next door neighbor, that she counted 15 cats and the mama is pregnant again.  She called the humane society and they said they would not take them.  The only way they would,  would be to kill them plus the pregnant mom.  I like cats but if she moves and those cats are multiplying like crazy someone is going to have to bring them under control and guess who would try.   The lady next door loves all animals and when she found them the kittens and the mother was skin and bones.  The cats are afraid of their own shadow.


shirl72 said...

Lucy I love animals but feel sorry when they keep having babies so we adults have to make decisions.

Good talking with you tonight. You are a trip and hanging in dealing with your computer. I am not as brave as you with my computer. I'm afraid to click something and not be able to back out.

When Jack completes his jobs he
will come over and take a look.

Tell Joe and Spunky hello.

jack69 said...

Glad you made it thru the night.
Yes, too many animals can cause a LOT of trouble. But if they are multiplying as stated, something serious would have to be done. I am sure if the neighbor moves she ain't taking the cats...
Love from NOrth Carolina


It is a shame about the kitties. It is nice someone is watching over them, though. Sorry Spunky is afraid of the loud noises. It is frightening for the pets, I know.

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