Wednesday, July 30, 2014

to old for new fangled setings

I can not get live writer because it would have to be posted on windows live, or 3 and they have Word press, free and then later on it said something like go with paid word press because free  will go in to paid.  I really miss it.  I haven't  gotten the hang of this and am spoiled to Live Writer.  As long as blogger or google is free I will stay with them.  Nearly everything they have upgraded there is a charge on it.  I need a shower .  Spunky came meandering out and got up on his bed, (my couch).waiting for Joe to get up.  Last Sat. night my neighbor that has drank himself into cancer and his brother were burning rubber out in front of my neighbors house.  You are not going to beat cancer if you continue to drink like a fish.  He is to sick to work. Their mother told them when they were little or teenagers go out there and burn rubber in the driveway.  The driveway is right next to our house and I know they did it to get under our skin, but we acted like we didn't hear it.  They just try harder to make more noise.


Paula said...

So sorry your neighbors are still being irritating. I don't think that rubber smell would be good for their lungs or yours.

jack69 said...

Since you told me a bout live wirter I have been v er happy with it. I am not sure I could even go back and post, with pictures on the Blogger posting section. Live writer has been a great boon for me.

Send Joe over next door with the old Blunder buss and give 'em what fer!


neighbors can be irritating that's for sure. hope things quiet down soon.

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