Sunday, August 3, 2014

Guess I need to put something in here

I don't know where I began AND STOPPED ON THE BLOG I DIDN'T FINNISH.  I KNOW I WAS TALKING ABOUT wINDSTREAM.  To make a long story short they told me I needed to buy a package to let them go through my computer and see if there was a virus for 76.00 for 6 months.  I said no and he wanted to know why and I said I could not afford it.  When I was telling him about HP downloading a bunch of free software that I really thought they should ask before doing it and changing it to IE11because 8.1, 8, a  8 product was on there and I said I did not want to ever have 8.  He wanted to know why, and I said in the first place I didn't know of anyone that had it that liked it, but I did not need 11 nor could I afford 8.  I said I would just stick with my old computer and try to avoid 8.  He got a bit huffy.  So I said just never mind and do not tell whoever  calls to rate your services, not to call me.  I told him I should not be forced to buy a 8, 8.1 or any other and if it  did  I was not going to blog any more. or use the computer  for anything, and hung up. What happened to our privacy?  I paid for this computer and when it gets to where I can't do more on it, it will go.  Well all I have done is complain, but thought I better get this written before they do some other dumb things.


jack69 said...

I consider us fortunate not to have the phone calls to sell me stuff on the system. I guess that is because we use the cell system, not sure.

Good luck with discouraging them in calling.

Take care...

shirl72 said...

I agree glad you told them and hung up. It is amazing how much people
can find out about us. Although they
say our privacy is protected I think
it has gone down the drain.

Hang in, stay cool..


Glad you gave him a piece of your mind. he should not have been huffy with you.

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