Monday, August 4, 2014

I have been feeling really good----until today. Physicaly I am ok but mentaly shot

I think I am tired more than anything of fighting the Computer,  Fighting just about everything I try and everything costing money.  Since  Joe keeps telling me to "go enjoy my computer"  I am sick of it.  He caN HEAR me verbally NOT enjoying my computer.  I have been trying to get away from it so I can enjoy life in the  kitchen.  It is driving me crazy and of course we had to put a new flea killer on Spunky. and we had never put this on him so he turned it 1/2 turn clock wise so he said AND HANDED IT TO ME.  I usually do the dirty work.  I didn't think it was coming out but  of course when I held it up so he could see and the tiny lid would not stay on and it popped off he said just give it to me and I said NO.  I screwed the lid back on guessing how far it had turned, and I squeezed it and we got it on him.  Joe treats him like a caR HE IS GOING TO WORK ON.  He carefully and SLOWLY moves everything to an exact place while Spunky is looking at me like why are you standing there with this weird bottle, and DO NOT TOUCH ME WITH  IT and why is he moving me around like I am a tool?  Enough of that.  Far worse things are happening in this world.  Last comment,.  I AGREE WITH SPUNKY.



Fighting the computer and a pooch on top of that is not easy to do. Hang in there. Maybe you'll get a break from it all tomorrow.

Chatty Crone said...

I'm with Spunky!

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