Saturday, February 2, 2013

It is warming up and supposed to get in the 40’s by midweek

It is almost balmy here today.  It was 12 above today and should get up to the lower or mid forties. It will feel like a heat wave. Today is Marty Sr. birthday.  He will be 50.  Regardless of if he talks to me or not he is my youngest child.  So many memories.  I will call his oldest son and have him pass a Happy Birthday to him.  It is really strange not to  have a phone No. to reach him  by.  However, I am not really  pushing it with him but I am talking to his 2 boys.  They are not boys anymore but, men. Their foul mouth on Facebook is a embarrassment.  There are some women in there that are just as bad.  What I don’t understand is why they think it is so great to use. Jack when you click on Roberts blog to bring him up do you see the message “this blog has been removed.”?    On Christopher’s picture that I put on my timeline and regular page in Facebook, Chris looks like he has mastered the art of cycle riding.  He still looks small for 2 years but I think he gained weight and maybe got a little taller. I still worry about him but I couldn’t do anything even if I wanted to.  His grandma said she is going to keep him for a weekend once her work load lets up.  They are opening  new store so she is working like crazy.  Also having a food fair that costs 40.00 to get in or for 60.00 they can go to a really nice room where they are served.


jack69 said...

Enjoy the heat wave... Phil says Spring will come early. If so I am glad...
I haven't been to Robert's yet today, but I believe he missed last night. will Check, Thanks....

Paula said...

Hi Lucy: For once I am here before dark. Hope you are having a nice Saturday.

slj said...

Hi Lucy,
We have gone into a deep freeze after the almost 60 degree weather we it is 5 degrees but seems colder with the wind chill..brrrrr...tired of the
It is amazing what people will post on face book..
You really have to just ignore
Enjoy your warmer temps..

JOHN said...

My prayers go out to you, You have a lot to deal with,Seems to me you are the one that holds the Family together.I have a niece who talks terrible on F.B. And I try to bring it up She will block me, So I just pray for her.Stay warm and try and enjoy a Lucy day soon

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