Tuesday, February 5, 2013

So far Spunky is doing good

Spunky is up walking around and waging his tail and kept water down.  They are going to try more solid food at lunch.  She thinks he will be coming home tomorrow possibly in the morning and if not  in the late afternoon. It was pancreatitis and will be on antibiotics when he comes home.  His heart and lungs are good and the arthritis is there, but they can’t do much more except get him back on his Cosequin.  They have laser treatment now for arthritis but with the bill we will have we could not afford it.  The tooth will have to stay till his system is built back up and then maybe it will just die quietly in his mouth and not have to be pulled. My dad had 2 teeth left when he died and one was dead.  He was 97.  Notice Christopher on my blog.  He has gained a little weight and is stretching up a little taller.  He is not afraid of anything.  In other words he may be small but powerful. Grandma and grampa got that for him and they call it his Kawasaki cycle cause his dad works at Kawasaki where they build cycles.  Tomorrow is the day for Spunky!!!!


Jean said...

Good morning Lucy, glad to hear Spunky is doing better. I know how you and Joe feel about him. It broke my heart when Jett broke his leg a few years ago and I didn't think about what it was going to cost me I just wanted him well. That's one thing we do know our pets do love us. Lol. Take care. Jean

Jean said...

That little Chris is a doll.

shirl72 said...

Chris is a handsome little boy. I am so glad Spunky is doing
OK and it wasn't his heart. Hopefully he will gain his
strength and get back to normal.

jack69 said...

Chris is looking good.
Glad Spunky is feeling better.....
Hope you are staying warm ((HUGS))

slj said...

Hi Lucy,
So glad that Spunky is doing better..I know you and Joe will be happy to have him home with you:)
Christopher is a handsome little guy..looks happy and healthy:)
I see your grandson is a new Marine:) Seeing that brings back so many wonderful memories for me...

Paula said...

Glad to hear Spunky is coming along. Bet he will be happy to get home. Chris is the cutest little boy. I would just like to hug him.

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