Thursday, April 18, 2013

We Have Rainy Snow

This weather is so depressing.  It has been so dreary for so long.  It puts me into a depressed state and I do not like that.  We need the rain.  I just keep repeating that to myself.  I think it got below freezing last night here.Sad smile  The weather man said “ we have even had snow in May” which I know we have because I was still working at that time and there was a foot of snow in the parking lot.  So I parked on a side street.  By the time I got off work it was dry as a bone in that lot.  My ankle exema is nearly gone after 5 and a half months, and infection that proved harder to treat.  I put off going to the doctor until January when my new insurance kicked in.  I was in the donut hole with my other.  My daughter says you can’t get blood out of a turnip.  True but I felt safer with insurance such as it is.  My doctor said you had better get a supplement because he is not sure if I can baby my left hip along.  You can’t have the senior plan and a supplement.  I come up with the money for anything that is not covered.  Where does that come from???  It doesn’t.  I have never been really successful even with my knee.  Better quit complaining.


Paula said...

Good morning Lucy: I think I would get tired of that weather too but we always seem to need rain. I have to go to the doctor today to see how my blood platelets are standing. Glad your problem is better.


The weather is depressing for sure. We're under a tornado watch here. Glad your leg has improved and you're doing better.

jack69 said...

Glad the ankle is almost healed, I know that must be aggravating to hang on that long.
But the weather? Like life, it will change, that is for sure, when? hahahaha


Anonymous said...

You will be wondering and be surprised once spring comes and all is green and blooming.

Wishing you all a kind Friday.

No rain over here already for weeks.

slj said...

Oh Lucy, I am in the same boat as much rain is depressing..I can't wait for Saturday and hopefully dryer weather;)
I'm glad that your exema is gone..that was a long battle for you..
Hope you have a great day tomorrow,

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